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Hello folks, this is our college project Lexicon - Eldritch! Hope you will find it a good read.

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  • edit Lexicon - Eldritch Wikia
    edited by FandomBot diff
    Summary: Removal of a deprecated <hero> tag
  • new page Ass
    created by Yashsoad
    New page: adsdc
  • new page Cehsaram
    created by Yashsoad
    New page: Cehsaram is the well of Cektaman. Cehsaram can show any place in all the worlds. Nahtu uses it to check the doing of all the mortals of the world....
  • edit Cektaman
    edited by Yashsoad diff
  • new page Cektaman
    created by Yashsoad
    New page: Cektaman is the heaven, where PEEKA, Nahtu, Rekau and Kehtu the 4 spirituals reside. Cektaman is a very beautiful place, with a selective flora of...
  • new page Ahilmon
    created by Yashsoad
    New page: Ahilmon is the royal specie of Acefih. They rule the Acefih and are not a very good of a ruler. They are cruel, and with the support of Aopriest,...
  • edit Cenakatua
    edited by Yashsoad diff
  • edit Acefih
    edited by Yashsoad diff
  • new page Cenakatua
    created by Yashsoad
    New page: Cenakatua are the royals of Cenkara. They are a 2 legged species with royal white wings. They being the royals of Cenkara, controls it. They are...
  • edit Cenkara
    edited by Yashsoad diff

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